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DragonTagsV2 is a feature-rich tag plugin that offers the following benefits:

- MySQL support for efficient and scalable data storage.
- Unlimited tags for easy categorization and organization of data.
- Unlimited pages for flexible and scalable content management.
- Custom texture and model support for enhanced visuals and customization.
- Placeholder API support for dynamic and flexible data placeholders.
- Compatibility with most chat plugins (please contact support if you encounter any issues).
- Hex color support for custom styling and design.
- Permission-based access control for added security.
- Owned tags category for personalized content management.
- Random tag every time you chat (can be enabled/disabled in the configuration).
- Highly customizable to fit your specific needs.
- Easy-to-use interface for simple management of your tags and content.


Custom Textures

This chapter will provide instruction on how to incorporate custom textures into our plugin.


Developer API

If you're looking for additional functionality from the Developer API, you can open a ticket in o...


Information on how to enable debugging.